How To Clean A Dust Mop – Different Types of Cleaning Methods

If you use your dust mop a lot, you’ll notice that it gets dirty by absorbing all the dust. If your dust mop is dirty, how will you go on to clean the floors in your house? As you can see, it is important to keep your dust mop clean to make sure it doesn’t lose its effectiveness.

So we have written this article on how to clean a dust mop for dust mop users. We’ll look at some methods that can be employed to clean your dust mop heads

Type of Dust Mop and Cleaning Method

One thing to take note of about cleaning dust mops is that the effectiveness of your cleaning method will depend on what materials the dust mop is made of. Always make sure to read the tag and see if the mop head is machine washable or not.

It is recommended to avoid putting cotton mop heads in the washing machine as cleaning it like that will end up damaging it and cause it to fall apart. So to prevent damage to your dust mop head, you should be careful in selecting your cleaning method.

What Do You Need for Cleaning a Dust Mop?

To clean your dust mop, you need to have some items in your house. Here is a checklist explaining what items you will need and what they will be used for:

1. Vinegar Solution

Dust mop heads have to be carefully sanitized. The most common solution used for sanitizing dust mop heads is vinegar solution. Bleach is not used for this purpose as it can react badly with some mop heads and thus damage them.

You need to mix a cup of white vinegar with some hydrogen peroxide and a gallon of hot water to prepare the solution. Put this cleaning solution in a small pail or bucket for cleaning your mop head with.

2. Vacuum Cleaner

One of the easiest ways to get the dust off your dust mop is to use a vacuum cleaner and remove the dust from the mop heads. Be careful, as a powerful vacuum cleaner might damage the strands instead of cleaning them.

3. Washing Machine

If your dust mop head is machine washable and detachable, you can put it in a washing machine to clean it. Make sure your washing machine has a hot water washing setting.

4. Detergent

For those who are washing the mop head using a washing machine, you will need detergent. A mild detergent will suffice as stronger detergents can degrade the mop. 

Cleaning Methods for a Dust Mop

Let’s look at what methods you can use to clean your dust mop heads.

Using A Vacuum

For daily maintenance, you can opt to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from them. Portable vacuum cleaners work the best for these as they are easy to maneuver around the dust mop head and don’t tear the strands of the mop. The steps to follow are:

  1. Secure the mop head. If you have a detachable mop head, you can separate it for easier cleaning. For non-detachable ones, you can have someone hold the handle while you clean.
  2. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and hover it over the dust mop head.
  3. Slowly clean the strands by moving the cleaner up and down. Be careful not to have the vacuum cleaner touch the strands.
  4. After vacuuming the dust mop thoroughly, turn the cleaner off and gently shake the mop head to get rid of dust.
  5. If there are still some traces of dust left, you can use a brush to remove the rest of the dust.

If you do not have a suitable vacuum cleaner, you can refer to the next methods.

Cleaning With a Washing Machine

If your mop head is detachable and machine washable, you can simply put it in a washing machine. They will easily clean it for you. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Detach the mop head from your mop handle. The locking mechanism can differ, but most of them can be detached by a twisting motion.
  2. Place the detached mop head inside the washing machine. It is recommended not to put any of your regularly used clothes inside the washing machine with the mop head.
  3. Add detergent and hot water to the washing machine.
  4. Plug the washing machine in and then turn it on. Make sure it is set to wash in a gentle cycle.
  5. Once the washing is done, take it out of the washing machine and rinse it using warm water.
  6. Squeeze out the water from the mop using your hands.
  7. After squeezing, set it to dry.

However, if your mop head is not machine washable, there is one other method you can try.

Cleaning with a Cleaning Solution

You can use this method regardless of your mop head is detachable or not. To do this, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Prepare the vinegar cleaning solution. It is recommended to avoid bleach, or it will reduce the lifespan of your mop head.
  2. Pour the cleaning solution into a small bucket or pail where you can easily soak the mop head in.
  3. For detachable mop heads, you can remove the mop head and then place it in the cleaning solution. If you’re using a non-detachable one, hold the handle and then soak the mop head in the cleaning solution.
  4. Once properly soaked, you can then rinse it with warm water to remove the cleaning solution.
  5. Keep the mop head in a well-ventilated area to dry. Remember to place the mop with their heads up to properly dry them if you’re not detaching the head.

Soaking the mop head in white vinegar cleaning solution works for almost all mop materials which makes this a versatile method.


As you can see in this guide on how to clean a dust mop, keeping your dust mop clean is not too difficult. However, choosing the right method is important to ensure the best results.

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