How to Use a Carpet Cleaner

How to Use a Carpet Cleaner

Vacuuming the carpet is an ideal way of removing dirt and dust. But, most of the people find it hectic on how to use a carpet cleaner. Not all the ground dirt in the carpet comes from your shoes; some are invisible dirt particles like pollen, skin cells, and some food particles which remain behind after vacuuming.

At times, cleaning of the carpet may seem to be hectic, but when it comes to carpet cleaners, it makes the work easy since they simple to use. In this article, I am going to describe how you can use your carpet cleaner to ensure that you stay in a clean environment all through.

Step By Step Guide on How to Use a Carpet Cleaner

Guide on How to Use a Carpet Cleaner

1. Plan your clean

If you intend to carry out extensive cleanness on your carpet, it is good to plan on how you are going to do it. The carpet will remain wet for some times before you complete the task. It may remain wet for about 5-6 hours if you are using a quality cleaner. It is advisable to allow your carpet to dry for the whole night.

One of the worst mistakes made when cleaning the carpet is leaving it wet for a long time. The cleaners work well in removing the dirt from the upper part of the carpet.

2. Move your furniture

Identify one of your rooms and move all the furniture there. Once you complete moving your furniture, you can start cleaning room by room. However, if you are unable to vacate all your furniture, you can clean one section after the other until you finish all rooms.

3. Vacuum

At this point, you need to vacuum your carpet once you have cleared the space. You can repeat the cleaning twice you have to begin cleaning lengthwise all through your room. Once you complete, you can now repeat in the diagonal direction. Besides, ensure that you lift the carpet to ensure that you remove all the loose dirt and hair from below before wetting it thoroughly.

4. Take your time to read the manual

The next thing to do is now to read all the instructions on the manual book. If by any chance, you used the carpet cleaner before, the type and amount of the detergent you use may differ between the models and brands. Therefore, it is good to follow the recommendations whenever you are filling water and detergent to your cleaner.

Do not add more and more cleaning fluid if the carpet is dirt since there will be more soap in the carpet that will not come out. Besides, never add excess water to the tank as this may interfere with the workability of your machine. Sometimes, you should follow the manual instruction to check whether to use cold or warm water.

5. Water and detergent

At times, warm water usually works best. However, you should not use water that is too hot. Some instructions on the manual guide may not allow you to use microwaved water or boiled water into the tank. This is because hot water may significantly damage your cleaner machine.

Avoid using your machine on non-color fast or jute, silk, or leather. Other carpet cleaner devices require an extra detergent for proper cleaning of the tank while other machines feature a separate compartment.

6. Pre-treatment

At this stage, you need to identify for soiled patches and pre-treat them immediately. Most of the carpet cleaners come with an attachment of hose that is very useful in cleaning the upholstery and stairs. Besides, you can use the hose attachment in removing stains and spills. Therefore, before you start your general cleaning on the carpet, it is good to pre-treat the carpet 5 minutes earlier.

If there are dried stains that are too old, you can

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